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logo erasmusGracia ha 21 anni e viene da Dinan in Bretagna. Sta facendo un tirocinio professionale Erasmus+ qui con noi a Link: si occupa di amministrazione e gestione delle finanze. Ci racconta qui un po' di sè.

 My name is GRACIA I come from to DINAN (FRANCE), and I’m a student  in 1 year BTEC Business Administration at high school La Fontaine des Eaux, which aims to assist the managers of small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial, administrative and accounting fields. I’m here at Altamura for my internship at association Link for a period of 2 month  in order to discover the professional environment different from France and a new culture.

I like the old side of the buildings in Altamura, the Italians who are nice people, smiling but who speaks very loud, different from where I come from.

Of my everyday life I am a person rather shy but open enough when I know the people in front of me better, I like to laugh, make jokes and people who are funny but who know stay serious when needed. I enjoy watching movies on Netflix, listening to music and especially eating.