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nestLink will apply for a youth exchange with very young participants (15-17 years old) on the topic of Nutritional education and sport under Erasmus+ (october deadline). We are now looking for partners from EU.

NEST (Nutritional education, sport and training).

Main contents:
- non formal activities on nutrition 
- debates and working groups on the relationship between alimentation and health 
- lifestyles and sport
- sport tournaments (soccer, volleyball, basketball).

We would like to invite 6 countries, 8 participants each (2 leaders). Total number = 48
The place would be in Santeramo in Colle: 

The period: second week of June 2016.

I hope you are interested in starting cooperating with us with this new project. We are also very open to your suggestions on the program and possible activities.
The hosting place has also a theatre so maybe we can think of a final performance about the topic created by participants during the exchange and open to the local community as a final event and as an outcome of the project.

Deadline for applying as partner: 10/08/2015

Contact person: Girolamo Vicenti
email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 
Tel. 0039 0803148080