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EVS in Italy - ONLY for UK residents

Associazione Link is looking for 2 volunteers from the UK to take part in a long term project in south of Italy (12 months). The project is already approved and...

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New Volunteer for UPENDI

The Organisation UPENDI is searching for an AUSTRIAN volunteer. Please read the information in the article and contact the Jugend:info NÖ - Youth Information Centre Lower Austria.

Our guests from the world

The red smell of Italy

Hola! :) My name is Carol and I come from Spain. About me I’d say I love sunny days, music, creative activities and I’m pretty interested in gender studies. Nowadays I’m doing...

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Youth Exchange Nest

Link will apply for a youth exchange with very young participants (15-17 years old) on the topic of Nutritional education and sport under Erasmus+ (october deadline). We are now looking...