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Hola! :)

My name is Carol and I come from Spain. About me I’d say I love sunny days, music, creative activities and I’m pretty interested in gender studies. Nowadays I’m doing an internship in Associazione Link so I have the opportunity to work directly with international and mobility projects under Erasmus+ programme.

youth exchangeTo illustrate, I’ve participated in “ByBike” youth exchange with Italian and Dutch participants that took place in Altamura from 6th to 14th of July. That was a really active week where I realized how tall the northern people are!! After this one, I also had the chance to travel to a village near Milano, Gandellino, where we were involved in a kick-off activity for two years long project named Food Revolution. Accordingly, we are already designing the plan for the next step that will be hosted in Altamura from 27th August to 3rd September. I’m looking forward to it!

On the other hand, regarding to my personal experience I feel really happy because since the first day I’ve felt a nice warm welcome from all people in the Association. Yet, here there is also a big community of volunteers from different countries such as Turkey, Russia or France and it’s been just two weeks but for sure I recognize I really appreciate them! Besides, it’s the first time I’m learning a language by talking and sharing experiences with local people, which is simply AMAZING! Last of all but not least; the food and the coffee are sooooooo GOOD! :P ÑAAAAM!

Good luck and sunny days to all of you! :)