Ciao ragazzi!

Siamo i nuovi volontari di LINK ad Altamura. Restiamo nella vostra città per un mese. Non vediamo l’ora di incontrarvi! Vi abbiamo preparato una breve presentazione di noi :)

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I am Alexandra and I am from Slovakia. I love travelling and experience new things. I decided to volunteer in Italy, because I fell in love with Italian culture and lifestyle. I would like to learn Italian language. I hope participating in many different activities and volunteering will give me a lot of new experiences and teach me new things. I also hope to make a lot of new friends here and experience an unforgettable month here. (Alexandra Ivaničová, Vranov nad Topľou)


Mi chiamo Lukasz (Luca). Sono Polacco. Vivo a Varsavia. Sto dottorando all’università (storia dell’arte). Sono anche guida turista nella mia città. Mi piace l’Italia, la storia, la lingua, l’arte, l’architectura, il sole e la civiltà quotidiana. Le mie espettazioni: lavorare in un ambiente bello e storico, integrarsi nella communità locale, scoprire la bella terra pugliese, divertirsi. (Łukasz Traczyk, Varsavia)


Hello, My name is Wojciech. I am 27 years old. I came to Altamura all the way from Poland to experience a great adventure. Since I was studying I wanted to go on an EVS and try volunteering in a foreign environment. Although I haven’t been to Italy before, I was always curious about this country and its culture. I think that Poles and Italians are similar in some way, especially when it comes to our respect for tradition and Christian heritage. This EVS is a big chance for me to develop myself intellectually as well as spiritually. I want to learn here how it is to help others without expecting anything in exchange. I’m sure that after the project I will become a more open-minded person and enthusiastic person. I will also acquire unique experience and wonderful memories. (Wojciech Wereszczyński, Malbork)


Mi chiamo Aleksandra e sono polacca. Ho ventuno anni. Sono qui perché voglio migliorare il mio italiano e anche incontrare la gente dai diversi paesi. Mi piace fare voluntariato, specialmente nel campo della cultura. Altamura e un paesino bellissimo è molto interessante. Faccio molte foto dei palazzi. Bevo il caffè o cappuccino ogni giorno e osservo la vita quotidiana dei cittaolini dal balcone. Mi piace qui! (Aleksandra Gałązka, Breslavia)


My name is Elza and I come from Latvia. I enjoy baking, eating sweets, drawing, looking at trees and dancing. I am here to get to know Italian culture, learn some new recipes and maybe get a suntan. I hope to find some new friends to write letters to! I find Italy very beautiful and inspiring, so you probably can find me on the streets painting and drawing. (Elza Kārkliņa, Rīga)



My name is Marija. I am from Latvia and work as an interior designer. I joined “Eutropia” project to learn about italian culture, to explore the parts of Italy that I have not visited and to learn the basics of the language. My heart has always been at Italy. It is a place that inspires me and motivates me. There is so much to appreciate in their culture and lifestyle - architecture, design, food, music and the small things in life that gives joy. Italy is a place where I feel most at ease even if I travel alone. I hope this experience provides me with the knowledge that helps me find my place in Italy to fulfil my dream to work here in my profession. (Marija Šuideiķe, Liepāja)

September 17th, 2018

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