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Eurodesk Altamura


IMG 20210827 125808Maria ha svolto il suo progetto di volontariato ad Altamura con Link tra agosto e ottobre. Ci ha raccontato la sua esperienza in questo articolo.


My name is Marysia and I am 24 years old. I graduate 2 months ago my BA in Sociology. I decided to go for a volunteer project because I just wanted to do something in my life that I haven’t done before and I felt that I needed some kind of break after hard year full of lockdowns and studying online.

I arrived to Altamura in 18th of August and started one of the best adventure in my life. I joined in busy period because there was an exchange related to environmental protection for teenagers form Spain and every day was really exciting. We were gardening and painting murals and paths. After this exchange I was attending to Agorateca (it is library in Altamura) where me and other two volunteers from Poland – Ida and Patrycja were registering books for children in the special system.

IMG 20211010 144803

I have to say that Agorateca in not typical library that I know from Poland. Of course, apart from fact that every one can borrow books this place has much more to offer. Agorateca has relax zone outside, vegetable garden, terrace where cultural events usually take place and also room for children (but adults also using this space) where are few big pillows and comfortable sits.  What is interesting that Agorateca is collaborating with others organization and thanks to that it was possible to organize musical event - Jazz Dogs Festival.

IMG 20211002 161927

At the beginning of September new volunteers form different countries came to participate in monthly project to Altamura. I’m glad that I was fully involved in this project because we were doing a lot of different activities during them I learned a lot and experienced new things. In the first week we were doing activities which let us know each other. Then we were participating in many different tasks like collecting almonds, gardening or taking care of animals. During this project also, we had Italian classes. Apart form that we made intercultural evening twice and during it each volunteer prepared food from their own country. It was great opportunity to try original dishes and get know a bit of culture.

Every free day I was using to visit other places in Puglia which has many cities definitely worth to see – Matera, Alberobello, Bari, Monopoli, Polignano, Ostuni, Gravina. I also went for few days trip beyond Puglia to visit Naples, Sorrento, Pompei, Amalfi Coast, Positano and Caserta.

At this time when I’m very close to finish my volunteering project I have to say that for sure It was one of my best adventure in my life. During these 2 months I have learned a lot. This project shows me that even doubt it is important to try new things and go beyond our comfort zone because it builds self-confidence and makes open for new experiences. The most important is that I met a lot of amazing people here. Everyone was so kind and helpful what made my adaptation easier. We spent a lot of time during activities and events in Agorateca, many trips, on our Piazza in the city Centre and in our flat. Thank you everyone for making this experience wonderful!

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