WhatsApp Image 2023 07 19 at 14.39.41Ciao! My name is Sára and I come from Slovakia (for those who did not pay attention during geography class Slovakia is between Poland and Hungary:)).

I am 18 and finishing high school as soon as I get back home. For the next seven months, the place that I am going to be calling home is Altamura and Link. In my free time I like to read, run, learn something new and do something that I know will have a bigger impact on others. I also have my own podcast show and I generally like working on different projects with different groups of people. I am vegetarian and my favorite food has to be cheese, even though I am intolerant to lactose. But a piece here and there fortunately does not kill me. For drinking I prefer green tea but having tried the Italian coffee style I might just rethink my decision:)

Even though I am the youngest of the volunteers here I feel like coming here was the right decision. Being able to learn a new language, connect with many different cultures and also explore southern Italy is an immense opportunity which I could not have let slip. Also, learning more about myself and the real world while feeling helpful and working towards a long-term goal is something that you cannot do every day. But I can. Thanks to ESC and Link.

I hope that during my time here I will be able to give this place a little bit of my laughs, my smiles, my work and my love. Basically a piece of myself. I am very excited but of course I have fears that my expectations will not be fulfilled. But anyhow I believe that this experience will be a transformative and fundamental piece of my following studies and life in general. Ci vendiamo in Agorateca

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