BirRiceviamo e pubblichiamo molto volentieri una riflessione del nostro volontario Bircan Mutlu, a qualche giorno dal suo rientro in Turchia dopo un periodo di volontariato in Italia con Link.

As a volunteer at Link, I dove headfirst into the wacky world of EU projects for Erasmus+ initiatives. Picture this, collaborating with international groups, while juggling meetings, planning, and organizing like a acrobat. And also working with lot of childs, It was like trying to working with bunch of super cute energetic squirrels! But wait, there's more! I also got to channel my inner Picasso by leading a modern art project for the coolest youth participants out there. We had more paint splatters than a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, and their cultural and emotional expressions were like works of art from another galaxy!

Let me tell you, this experience wasn't just about being serious and business-like – it was a laughter-filled rollercoaster ride! I developed leadership skills faster than ever and created educational materials that were more entertaining than a clown at a birthday party. And you know what? Contributing to a united Europe that champions tolerance and diversity felt like being a superhero in my own Marvel movie!

So, with a heart full of gratitude and a grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat, I'm eagerly looking forward to more hilarious and meaningful adventures in my life like link. Who said volunteering can't be the best comedy show in town? 





































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