MarieMarie Beauvois  Volontaria ad Altamura presso Link da ottobre 2015 a giugno 2016.

Buongiorno everybody ! Me, I’m Marie. I come from the north of France in a town called Lille. I'm graduated in Arts of the scene, more exactly in Theater. At the end of my formation in university I asked myself many questions about my futur work because it’s very difficult to make a choice. I’m a big fan of travels, of adventures, art in general and more than all of the discovery of the world and her cultures. The project in Link for 9month in Altamura gives to me the opportunity to act concretly In the various cultural domains which interest me, and to make to discover me new activities. It’s the first time that I go so long time alone in a country which I know nothing and I can say that will be a very enrichissant experience. I discover a culture, a language, Italian food !! I meet some people who come from everywhere… It’s so rich, human and around beautiful values. I think that the intercultural exchanges are really a thing that everybody should make !! Now I look forward to being able to speak Italian and to live fully and to share this experience. Enjoy and be curious!


PierrePierre-Eric Magnier  Volontario ad Altamura presso Link da ottobre 2015 a giugno 2016.

My name is Pierre-Éric, as it is not easy to pronounce, people often call me simply "Pierre" or "Eric". I am a French of 21 years old from Bordeaux really happy to make my EVS of 9 months to Altamura. The only volunteer experience that I have lived until now is a Woofing of one month in England at an organic farm. It was an enriching experience that I wanted to complete by other intercultural exchanges. I am a student in an engineering school, I chose to take a gap year before being graduated. I wanted to discover Italian culture and live a long-term volunteering filled with interpersonal exchange. I could not find better, an intercultural exchange is omnipresent among many volunteers from all over Europe and beyond. I am a creative person. For example I have made many posters, the last two years, for various events and parties organized by the student associations where I was part in. I will make these skills available to various projects in Link. I look forward to learning Italian to fully experience this! 


NikitaNikita Savostikov  Volontario ad Altamura presso Link da aprile 2015 a gennaio 2016. 

As it can be seen above, my name is Nikita, or I can be called shorter just Niki. I come from one of the biggest cities of Russia called Nizhny Novgorod. It is located not in Siberia, but in the Western part of Russia which belongs to Europe. My background is diverse. I graduated from university in 2013 as an analyst, worked as a project manager in a commercial structure, as a teacher of photography for children in a few educational centres, as a pr-manager of my Voluntary organization - Movement Sfera, as a photographer for reportages, portraits...I have volunteered quite a lot in different countries, because I am seriously interested in intercultural communications, diversity issues, mutual understanding, getting to know new sides how the life runs in different parts of the world. My way led me to Altamura and I am very very happy about this, as I can start a new part of my life here studying Italian, helping the local people to get to know the world as I try to do. There are things which I really love here. The new knowledge. The new feelings. It is a pity that i can not express myself in Italian yet, as here it could suit to my thoughts. A dopo!.. 


VincentVincent Quiniou Volontario ad Altamura presso Link  da febbraio a ottobre 2015.

Mi chiamo Vincent, sono un ragazzo francese di 20 anni. Vivo nel sud della Francia, nel villaggio di Gaujac  100 chilometri al nord di Montpellier. Prima di venire ad Altamura ho studiato la contabilità per proseguire i mie studi dopo l’esame di maturità. Ho fatto la scelta di venire in Italia perché ho studiato la lingua italiana 5 anni alla scuola, e anche perché ho viaggiato due volte nel paese del calcio – dopo la Francia. Questi viaggi mi hanno dato la voglia di scoprire l’Italia.Per di più mi piace anche lo sport, in Francia ho giocato 11 anni a calcio e ho fatto 2 anni di atletica – specialità 100m – e sono anche un tifoso della squadra del Montpellier Hérault SC. Sono felice di essere nella bella città di Altamura per il mese di novembre cosi posso scoprire la cultura italiana, delle nuove persone e anche fare dello sport perché la mia missione qui è di aiutare gli allenatori dell’associazione Ultrattivi ad  allenare i bambini dai 9 ai 13 anni. 


AnnaAnna Flandin - Volontaria ad Altamura presso Link  da novembre 2014 a giugno 2015.

Ciao! I'm Anna, a new long term volunteer from Lille, a big city in the north of France, close to Belgium. I've been studying foreign languages and cinema in France and Sweden and I'm looking now for my specialization. The experience I'll get here is certainly going to give me some good ideas since I'm going to work with Link during 9 months as a project coordinator. This is my first time in Italy and I can already say that I love the city of Altamura and it's people, the food, pasta ! Gelato !  and the atmosphere of the piazza ! I’ am a big fan of travelling, sharing food with friends, cinema, photography, hiking, reading, learning new things, meeting new people................. so many things. In a word I can say that I’ am a very curious person. I ‘am quite excited to see how rich this experience is going to be and to start working on new and interesting projects. See you! 


 MariaMaria Yusta - Volontaria ad Altamura presso Link  da dicembre 2014 ad aprile 2015.

Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Maria. Sono una nuova voluntaria di Link. Sono nata nel 1987 a Logroño (La Rioja), una piccola citta nel nord della Spagna. Sono laureata in Scienze della formazione e l'educazione. La mia esperienza durerà 5 mesi. Perchè voglio fare questa esperienza? Perche la mia passione è viaggiare e vedere luoghi e culture diverse. Soprattutto amo l'Italia e la sua cultura. Ho molti amici sparsi in diverse regioni d'Italia. Voglio imparare tutto di questo paese. Anche, vorrei sapere il funzionamento di una associazione culturale come Link che offre molte opportunita per i giovani che come me vogliono partire e fare un’esperienza simile alla mia. Ognuno di noi può contribuire con le sue idee personali ed essere parte del gruppo. Come maestra sono interessata a partecipare a progetti con i bambini. Link, tra le altre cose, mi da l'opportunita di collaborare a questi progetti e conoscere un altro sistema educativo diverso da quello spagnolo. Sono sicura che questi mesi vivrò una bella esperienza. 







Milene Milène Blanc Marquis - Volontaria ad Altamura presso Auxilium da aprile a dicembre 2015.

Hi, my name is Milène, i’m from France for a volunteering of 9 month in Auxillum. I’m 20 years old. I practice basket-ball since 9 years. I’m a patient and dynamic person. I want become AMP (medico psychological help) in a structur for disabled people. I did a Civic Service of 9 month in France, i worked with old-people, children and people with psychic disability. After i did 3 special holidays with people with mental disability and weak autonomy. During my Civic Service and the holiday support, i did lot of manual activity with this different public, i easily adapt my activity with different public and autonomy.

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