Vanessa e NadirIl nostro partner francese AAAMI, locato a Grenoble, ha dato la possibilità a due giovani volontari, Vanessa e Nadir, a spendere il mese di Luglio ad Altamura. Loro si presentano cosi: 

Mi chiamo Vanessa and I’m 25 years old. I’m come from France where I was born in the south in Toulouse but now I’m living in Grenoble, close the mountains. My passion is the dance, I’m practicing different kinds of dance, like hip hop, rock’n roll or tango. I also like music and cinema. I love hiking, walking in the nature. It’s very important for me to spend time with my friends and to share with us a lot of good moments. I’m open-minded and tolerant. I decided to do a EVS to discover another cultures. In Altamura, I want to discover another language, food and landscape. But it’s also important for me to meet different persons. I want to learn Italian to speak with the local persons. I think a EVS is the best way to live a rich experience.

Ciao a tutti! My name is Nadir and I'm french. I live in the city of Grenoble. I am twenty years old. Why I decided to do a EVS project? Because I feel the need to discover other cultures and I would like to improve my English language skills. Italy is a beautiful country and this is my first trip out of France. Ci vediamo!

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