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We are proud to present a visual summary of the amazing projects LINK has done in 2016.  We worked even harder this year to help over 150 young people experience a once in a life time opportunity. Most of these young people were sent from Italy to other countries for short to long term. We've split these numbers in two different presentations, one with the facts and figures of youth exchanges we did, the other, with simmillar details on Long and short term EVS we sent. 

Presentation on EVS Volunteers

Presentation on Youth Exchanges

  • ESC » Knowledge Garden

    ESC » Knowledge Garden

    Volontari europei per il progetto Cometa

  • ESC  » Progetti di volontariato

    ESC » Progetti di volontariato

  • Erasmus+ » Tanti progetti, un(a) solə Link

    Erasmus+ » Tanti progetti, un(a) solə Link

    Scopri tutte le opportunità del 2024, in Italia e all'estero

  • Buon viaggio con DiscoverEU

    Buon viaggio con DiscoverEU

    Un nuovo itinerario per i diciottenni a dicembre!

  • Youth Participation » DeMo'

    Youth Participation » DeMo'

    Un progetto di partecipazione giovanile

  • Erasmus+  » Step into the future

    Erasmus+ » Step into the future