Schermata 2022 02 04 alle 11.03.43Link is looking for participants for the seminar YES - Youth Exchange Superheoroes. Please read the infopack and apply until the 1st of March by filling the form.

Link got Erasmus+ accreditation and planned to implement 7 youth exchanges and 2 mobilities of youth workers during the first year. The same amount of projects has been planned for the second year. We know many other organizations in Europe are in the same situation, that’s why we think it’s important to exchange information and plan better cooperation within the network. Beside this, we would like to reflect together and identify common strategies to improve the quality of our common work. 

The meeting will be hosted in Altamura – Puglia, Southern Italy, from the 16th to the 20th of May 2022. 16th and 20th are traveling days, activities from the 17th to the 19th (3 full days). We know that this year is a very busy year for many organizations but we ask for full commitment for the 3 days.


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