ADICECiao tutti! I’m Mélissa from France, I’m 23 years and I am in Altamura for 1 week with the project “Mobility for Youth Worker”.

I am sending by ADICE where I am doing a civic service as assistant project manager for 3 months. ADICE is an association based in North of France, in Roubaix near to Lille. ADICE promotes one main objective: the fi­ght against discrimination and the social promotion of job seekers and youngsters with fewer opportunities. To this end, ADICE allows everyone (youngsters, job seekers) to participate to European and International training and mobility actions.  I am working with the project manager on professionnal internship though Erasmus + VET (vocational, educational training), I help the young people to find an company in Europe if we are partner in the field of research and I support the project manager in her tasks. I am also interested in build new partnership between France and Germany. I am involving in many projects and I really like what I do. After the civic service I will go back to my studies in other field: international relationship.

I will explain now why I am in Altumura for 1 week. ADICE send me to Link to know how the association work. I realize that the working of Link is different as our in ADICE. For example, in ADICE we create a real pedagogic schem and we meet our participants minimum 5 times and more if they need it. We also don’t offer directly a project but we learn a lot about the participant and then we purpose him/her a project who will be the best and we work only with the people from our region, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.
To be send by Link you don’t have to be from Puglia, it’s the best way but not the only. And you apply for a project. But Link work with a lot of projects and one of them is really interessting: the Youth Exchange. I think it’s important for young people to travel and discover Europe and also to get involved.

My week in Altamura is almost done and I’m feeling quite sad because it was an enriching week. I was really happy to being here for the Fredericus Festa Medievale. The costume and the city were awesome. We don’t have this kind of festival in North of France and I find it impressive for a small city to do it with good organisation. I was a shame to have this bad weather on Monday… I felt like in Roubaix J. Yesterday I was in Matera, what a beautiful city. Today and tomorrow I will go to Irsina to help Javed and Marie for their English and French classes.

Thank you, ADICE and Erasmus+ Program, to allow me to discover Puglia and Basilicata and associazione Link!

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