albeerto italyAntonio Carnicelli e Alberto Antonacci ci raccontano come sta andando la loro avventura SVE in Romania a Bucarest, presso l'associazione ospitante Scoala de Valori.

 My experience in GROW it was amazing. Starting from the places, ending with the people, passing by the activties. The only negative point about it were the mosquitos during the night ahahah I met a lot of amazing people, amabassadors, LPM and teens. All of them made me feel the warm of the welcoming and I had the best team I could have to work with. Each one of the people I met, even the couple who hosted me and the sponsors I met, everyone gave me something of him/herself. I got to know a little bit of the story of everyone, and I just loved it. I also got to learn a bit about the history of the city and I would never guess that Focsani, in the past, was divided between Romania and Moldova. Cool, isn't? What a love of this project is the connections that we built during this period. It was only 10 days but that was more than enough to make it special. 

GROW was my first time for the method we used of teaching teens. I already had previous experiences, 2 years in Poland in a project called EUROWEEK that it has a lot of common point with GROW, but the teaching method was slightly different so yeah, i could take from my past experience but then I had to use it combined with this new way of how to do sessions.


 The things that I enjoyed the most, as I said, were the special people that I met. The lovely team I worked with, the teens who came to enjoy this session of GROW, who helped me with accommodation. 
From this experience I learned that there is nothing that I can't do, that I have to trust much more in myself. I really love to help teens, i want to be like a lighthouse in the fog. I learned that just with 5 minutes and a smile I can change someone's attitudine, at least for a while. I learned that teamwork is really good but sometimes be alone is cool as well. It made me be more aware of the fact that, especially in this "uniform", teens trust me much more, so everytime i talk with them or I do something I should choose how much more carefully. I learned that they are the future and I have to do anything I can to make them the best possible version of themselves. 
If I have to make GROW a sweat, i would say the classic chocolate bar. It can be spread really fast, everyone likes it, it can be shared with others, makes people happy and gives energy. Definitely. GROW is a chocolate bar.
Of course, I would recommend the GROW experience, 100%. I can say that is close to a lifechange experience. Makes people grow (XD), and gives a lot of things in what are called the "soft skills". I would recommend GROW because of the relationships that can be created and the things that can be learned. If you want to grow personally, if you want help others to grow, if you want to learn a lot about different cultures, if you want to have fun, if you believe in people, I highly recommend GROW as the perfect place where to have one of the best experiences you can have in your life. And when GROW ends, no problem. Everything you learned there you can take it out to anything else you will do in your life.
Alberto scrive:

“Hello guys, my name is Alberto, I’m from Italy and I’m 24 years old. I’ve decided to become a GROW trainer because I want to offer my energy and my positive thoughts to the teens. Also, I think it’s a great opportunity to meet new people.

At the beginning I was very scared, I was going in a new country, with new people, new language and I did not have any expectations. It was a great choice not to have any kind of expectations and I learned lots of things from the other people.  I am a person that tries to get the positive side from everything.

grow alberto

If I could have a superpower, I would like to read other’s minds.

Three little-known facts about my country:

  • My city, Turin, was the first italian capital
  • We invented the term of “bancarotta” – bankruptcy
  • Each Italian eats in average 24 kg of pasta every year”
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